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Indiana Jones Escape room - Escape Rooms - Indiana Jones Escape room

Indiana Jones Escape room


*The Escape Arena team recommend 4 players for a great experience.


Indiana Jones

We are waiting for you at the most thrilling escape room in Bucharest and experience a great adventure. Come and play “The Last Adventure of Indiana Jones”!

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It will be hard, you’ll have to face many challenges and pass difficult traps from the ancient temple. Indiana Jones went in search for one of the most desired artifacts, The Holy Grail. But he disappeared for some time without anyone knowing whether he is alive or dead. You, his students, worrying for him, decided to start a journey for finding him.

Finally, after a long-lasting search and many days spent, deciphering the notes in his office and following a map from his journal, you arrived at the ancient temple from Escape Arena where it looks like Indiana Jones has been seen entering the last time.

Grab your friends and start the journey for finding The Holy Grail.

Read the latest reviews of Indiana Jones Escape Room:

  • : “The Last Adventure of Indiana Jones gave us a very good escape room experience, with all the necessary ingredients: decor and atmosphere, ingenious puzzles, innovations, special effects and lots of fun. One of the best rooms played lately, we recommend with warmth.”
  •  The Last Adventure of Indiana Jones review :
  • -“Decor and atmosphere: As we entered the room we were impressed with the decor and attention to detail. No element is left to chance in the room and integrates perfectly into the sequence of puzzles. Although initially it seems that many decorative elements cannot be used, as you move into the room, you realize that everything has an explanation. The soundtrack and special effects combine perfectly with the adventure of searching for a lost artifact.”
  • -“Puzzles: This was the part of the room that impressed us by far the most. As a level of difficulty, the room is intended for advanced players, mainly due to the variety of puzzles and skills you need to solve them. The escape room can be played in teams of 2-6 people but we recommend teams of 4 people for an optimal experience. Many of the puzzles require both attention to detail and skill, being largely technological. I did not encounter any technical problem and all the puzzles had a logical solution that fits in the story. Solving each one naturally led to the next puzzle and the room, although largely linear, needs good communication between the players.”



75 min


2-8 players


56% in 75min

24% in 60 min


41 min

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